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How to Clean Your Dryer Vent and Keep It That Way

Oct 1

Despite its name, the dryer doesn't necessarily perfectly dry your clothes. If your clothes are damp or the dryer's exterior becomes hot after drying, you may need to hire an expert for dryer vent cleaning in Albuquerque.


It's more than just necessary for your clothes and time to wash the ducts (and your sanity). The ducts could accumulate lint over months or even years. The hot air reacts with the lint, and sparks, causing a fire hazard. There are hundreds of accidents and even deaths caused by dryer duct fires each year. Another indicator that it's time for some laundry cleaning in your room is if something is burning.


According to dryer vent cleaning Albuquerque dryer vents should be cleaned only each year. Although it may seem overwhelming however, there are a variety of simple affordable, cost-effective, and fast options.


Photo of laundry room with drying racks and baskets set on blue background.

In this area, you'll find a list of all the


What is the first step?

It is necessary to take care to clean the vents of your dryer.

Find out how to wash dryer vents in just six steps

Future build-up is avoided


What's my first priority to be taking care of?

It's important to know if your dryer's using electricity or gas prior to you start cleaning:


Electric dryers require an electrical outlet that is grounded, 240-volt. Depending on the model, the plug can have three to four prongs.


A dryer that is powered by gas on the other hand can be connected to a regular 110-volt three prong outlet and plugged into an gas valve.


When cleaning dryer gas supply valves be sure not to harm the flexible gas line. Contact a professional if not certain of your actions.


It is essential to clean the dryer vent.

For approximately $24, you can buy an appliance vent cleaning kit at your local hardware shop or online.

Learn about how a dryer vent cleaning Albuquerque service is performed in just six simple steps


Step 1: Find an opening.

You must first locate the dryer's vent. The diameter of dryer exhaust pipes is 4 inches. These pipes are connected to the ventilation systems of walls. This pipe is used to blow hot air dry through it before venting it out through an outdoor vent.


Examine the outside of your dryer's exhaust vent to check for dust, lint or even dead bugs that might be there. Clean any obstructions or screens.


Step 2: Take out the dryer's power cord with careful.

You're ready to unplug your dryer when you've found the way your ducts work. Get rid of any metal tape or clamps affixed to the dryer's exhaust pipe. To keep the pipe from burst and bursting, use a gentle pressure when you remove it from the wall.


Step 3: Remove the vacuum from the bag and remove the lint.

You will be able to look inside the dryer vent after you've cleaned out your laundry area and installed windows (or nook). Clean up any lint that has accumulated in or around the hole by using the hose attachment of vacuum cleaners or a shop vacuum.


The outside duct is also cleaned using an air-tight handheld vacuum. You can also clean the exterior of the building by yourself.


Step 4: Use a toothbrush to access the services.

A drill attachment and a dryer brush is all you need to clean your dryer duct. It is possible be aware of the hose attachment depending on the direction your dryer duct runs. The brush should be pushed further back than you are able to.


You may need to attempt to insert the brush head onto the outside of your ducts if you cannot thread the brush through the entire conduit or if your brush does not stretch that far.


Step 5: Clean up, and reconnect

You may have discovered a treasure trove of particles of. Make use of a vacuum cleaner, broom and dustpan to eliminate your fluffy pets.


Connect the dryer to the outlet and then reconnect the ductwork with the wall.


One exception is that your dryer may be fitted with a soft foil wall vent. Utilizing a 90-degree angle aluminum elbow, which is fire-resistant and offers excellent ventilation is all you need.


It's done! It's completed! You can turn on your dryer and listen to the sounds of accomplishment as air streams out from the vent. Dryers are no longer required for dry clothes or endless cycles. All of it was accomplished by your efforts.


The goal is to stop any further growth

Remove the lint trap and remove the lint before every drying cycle to ensure that those nasty fibres of lint won't disrupt your next drying process. Cleaning the lint screen frequently is also recommended, depending on the frequency you dry your clothing. For the final step, dust and sweep the area around your dryer.

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