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Home Energy Audits: Should You Have One?

Jul 24

What's the point of conducting a home energy audit?


An energy audit is an in-depth analysis of your home's energy consumption and provides suggestions for improvement. An energy audit can help you reduce your home's carbon footprint and energy bills.


Do I need to have an energy audit?


Depending on the dimensions of your house depending on the size of your house, a professional home energy audit Richmond VA might take approximately 30 minutes to four hours for. Professional Insulation contractors employ various technologies to determine the most problematic areas of your house and then develop an action plan for the best ways to increase the efficiency of your house.


A typical energy audit may look like this in your home:


An energy auditor will assess your house from outside. To determine if you have any leaks in your home An energy auditor will look at your walls, windows, and the roof.


If you've got an attic, the auditor will check the attic. The contractor will conduct a thorough examination to ensure that your insulation is properly applied and evenly distributed across the walls. They will also inspect the areas where wires travel to seal them properly.


The auditor will inspect your heating and cooling systems. If one or both are older, it's time to upgrade. They'll also look at the ductwork that runs through your basement.


In all professional energy audits of homes in Richmond VA, using an air blower is the standard procedure. To identify air leaks, the blower door is used. In a blower test, the house is depressurized with a blower door machine after all windows and doors are shut. The thermal imaging camera may be used to identify areas that could be susceptible to cold air entering your home.


A final stage of an audit usually will include a check on the lighting in your home. By upgrading from incandescent bulbs to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or compact fluorescent lamps, you'll be able to save money on your power cost (CFLs).


These are some of the most commonly used stages during an energy assessment. Further steps could be necessary (such as thermographic inspections) to assess the arms of the energy auditor.


The nature of the audit will determine the suggestions an energy auditor gives to your house. A few simple suggestions are installing weather stripping or switching to more energy-efficient lighting. Some of the most important suggestions are to add insulation or replace windows that allow the cold air to enter.


What's the price to analyze your energy usage, and how much money will you save?


A professional home audit for your Richmond VA home is more expensive if your home is larger than typical. Some companies charge fixed fees, while other companies will charge more for a larger house. If you're looking for an energy audit for free, you should inquire with your local utility company, an NGO, or a government agency.


Even if you need to spend money for it, an energy audit will assist you in saving money in the long run. You can save five to thirty percent off your energy expenses by improving your home's energy efficiency.

In-depth instructions on how you can do a home energy assessment.


The most efficient method to determine the issues in your home is through an expert home energy assessment Richmond VA. Still, there are a few energy-saving strategies you can do on your own.


If you notice a draughty space in your home, check for leaks. Most leaks occur in the corners of walls, ceilings, closed doors, windows, and electrical outlets. Weather stripping or caulk can stop a leak if you spot it.


Check if there are holes in your insulation or around heating and cooling systems.


Switching to LEDs, CFLs, or energy-saving bulbs like incandescents is easy to save money on your electric bill.


If you're looking to replace your appliances, energy-efficient appliances use less electricity than conventional appliances.


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